Social media, especially Twitter has blended with a buzz news commented by the Rajasthan High court judge, Mahesh Chandra Sharma. Earlier, he said that he wanted to see Cow declared as India’s National Animal as this would make the animal a ‘legal entity’. For that he directed the state government to coordinate with BJP, the leading Central party, to make that happen. The Rajasthan government initially recommended life imprisonment for cow slaughter and also urged the Central government to declare cow as India’s National animal as done by Nepal. The Judge insisted to do the same as what had done in Nepal because our religious faith is joined to the cow. With the comments passed by Justice Chandra social media has set on fire. He said in his 145-pages order after hearing the verdict of ‘Hingonia Gaushala case’.


Interacting with the media, Justice Mahesh Chandra drew a parallel between cow and peacock to highlight their holy qualities by comparing cow & peacock and described both the species as “pious”. He stated “Cow should be given the status of National Animal just like Peacock, the National Bird of India. Peacock is a lifelong celibate (bramhachari) and it doesn’t have sex with a female peacock (or a peahen).”

Giving an elaborated clarification about the mating process of the birds, he told the reporters that a peahen does not mate with a peacock to procreate and gets impregnated by drinking the tears of peacock and then it gives birth to its new baby either a peacock or a peahen.

Elaborating on how peacock is considered holy because of its so-called celibacy, he suggested by stating peacock is a celibate and that’s the reason why Lord Krishna wore the peacock feather on his head. He further added that the feather is used by priestsand saints and also in temples because peacock is celibate.According to Hindu mythology, Lord Sri Krishna is enhanced with peacock’s feather as a sign of purity.

According to the science of birds mating, male peacocks spread their tail feathers and attract the attention of the female peacocks. The female peacocks, often hard to please, chooses the one that has the largest and most colourful feather and mates with them.

So now let’s see how the statements passed by Justice Chandra creates hype and becomes a care of address for trolls.


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