loIndia is a landmark of theism and beliefs. An eight-year–old boy from Punjab is being worshiped as God as he has a long hairy tail. Dulha Singh, an eight-year-old was born with a patch of hair on his lower back. Local residents are instantly comparing him to an incarnation of Lord Hanuman, a monkey-like Hindu god.


The young boy lives in Amritsar, Punjab along with his uncle Sahib Singh and aunt Manjeer Kaur. His family is in a strong belief that cutting the hairy tail might bring them a bad omen. It seems Dulha’s mother decided to cut the tail once but she died before doing that. Sahib, Dulha’s uncle said “His mother once took a decision of trimming the patch of hair on his back but she died before doing so. Since then we decided not to cut his tail and I’m taking care of Dulha now”.


Many people from surrounding villages crowded to see Dulha and also to pray before him, because to them Dulha is an incarnation of Lord Hanuman.Manjeer Kaur, his aunt said “People from various places come to see him every day. They all believe that he is like Hanuman ji”. She added “During the time when Dulha lived with his mom, people used to travel hundreds of miles to touch his tail and seek blessings.”

The young boy doesn’t want to cut his tail and accepts it.Dulha instead believes that his tail is a gift from God. He conveyed “Everyday people come to see me. I don’t know the reason but they think I’m an existence of Hanuman ji. People want to get my blessings.” Dulha believes that if his tail gets removed, that will bring bad omen and it won’t do good to him and his family. He feels people respect him for having a tail. Despite of some kids making fun of his tail Dulha told that he don’t mind their teasing and also he don’t mind of having a tail.

Dulha has knack for climbing trees. Local villagers spotted that and started seeing it as a further proof of being him a God. Upon this Dulha’s uncle Sahib Singh added “Villagers here trust that our kid Dulha has few healing powers and with that he can cure people. We don’t stop people coming to our home. We can only ask people to come and see Dulha but not to worship him. Yet people don’t listen to us. They do whatever they feel as correct.”


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