A woman who found out she was pregnant 3 hours before she had to give birth


People usually experience ache in stomach for many reasons but they do not take them so serious. Why frequent cramps to a woman in middle age should not be taken for granted?

Emma Prescott, a lady from London, when started undergoing sharp pain on and off few months back, she disregarded it as kidney stones – a common side effect of the weight loss surgery she had undergone three years earlier. She even had a weight-reduction surgery a few years ago. She then considered worth paying for a surgery that helped her to lose weight. Emma had also undertaken gastric bypass surgery in 2012.Suffering from gallstones was a common side effect of the procedure, so during initial stage of her stomach pain she simply brushed it off.

Emma know that these pains would only get worse since it’s a common side effect in weight loss surgeries. She had extreme pain one night. Her sweat started pouring down her face and she could hardly walk at that time.She finally rushed into hospital after the pain became unbearable that night. As Emma had severely hold her side in pain, she begged the doctors to finally end her misery. Emma didn’t hold out for the x-ray appointment. She had a radiograph. She did not knew by that time what the radiographer was about to tell her would turn her world upside down. Emma said “She told me I didn’t have any kidney stones. My thoughts immediately turned to cancer. Then I got the shock of my life. She told me that I was in labour. Emma Prescott was unaware that her stomach pains were signs of labour and was shocked to find out she was pregnant.

Years before, Emma was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS). Emma had always been desperate to start a family but after being told it was unlikely she would ever conceive. All the hopes of her just got shattered away. Emma had put her baby dreams to bed. She said “It was something I had learned to live with, although I was distressed at the thought of not being able to start my own family”. About her agony she told that the pain would come and go, so she never pushed for the doctor to look into it. She had gone through so many hormone tests over years and been warned that she might go through menopause early. Her heart had broken then and there.


A lady who started suffering terrible stomach cramps went to get herself checked out. She was whisked off in a wheelchair. Unexpectedly, the 39-year-old woman whose hope of being a mother were shattered when she could never conceive, was delighted at her daughter’s arrival. Three hours later, Emma gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Emma, after struggling with her weight for years had agreed for surgery as she had been oppressed for the same since her teens. Emma after quickly losing weight got delighted as her confidence went up and it was then that she met Tony Raj, her 42 year-old partner. When Emma met Tony, she made it clear even adoption wasn’t an option with Emma’s problems with her eyesight. Pleased about weight loss, Emma did not push doctors to look into her stomach pain, since the ache was never constant. She was stunned when the radiographer informed her of her pregnancy just 3 hours before she’s giving birth to a baby. She said “My tears got rushed. With those rolling tears I told him that I was having a baby. He firstly thought I was joking but when I continued weeping hysterically, the shock swept over his face.”

Emma said “Whatever happened, I really don’t care! I’m just overwhelmed to have my little miracle baby. She really wanted to join our family as she battled through so much to get here.” She further said “We took photos of us with our surprise baby and sent them to family and friends. I don’t think anyone could have been as shocked as we were! We had to laugh at their shocked reactions.”

Their friends railed together completely unprepared for their new arrival, and four bags filled with baby clothes and supplies were waiting for them on their return home.



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