5 tips to reduce over heating of smart phone

We all have smart phones these days, we unlock phone several times a day for checking mails,messages ,notifications We also have powerful smart phones  which we use for gaming.And using phones continuously without any rest to it makes phones heat,some times it may be due to heavy usage or by software glitches.

Here are the 5 tips to reduce temperature of smart phones

1.Close unnecessary running apps:

Smart phones these days are so efficient for multitasking, so multitasking also adds more effort on processor. So when processor takes time to do tasks assigned it increases temperature of phones. So reduce multitasking ,close apps which are not necessary at the moment.Avoid GPS, Bluetooth when not in use.


2.Avoid using in direct sunlight :

We all have some or other work daily we visit office or go to college. In transit as to kill some time we use our phones.Although we use phone very smoothly one of the main reason to heating of smartphones is sunlight and heat environment.Please avoid using of phones in direct sunlight and in hot weather.


3.Kill autostart apps :

We all need push notifications of apps we use.We het notifications from whatsapp,facebook notification or other apps which send push notifications.these apps are autostarted in back ground so this makes the services active and make phone warm.


4.Update your OS:

The another reason for heating of smart phones is operating system.Sometimes os of your smart phones may be buggy and due to some glitches it can increase temperature of phones.So as a solution to this oems provide os updates to fix such bugs.So keep your phone operating system updated regularly.


5. Dont game excessively:

Although smart phones are also designed for gaming its not good for your smartphone if you use it as gaming device.Better get a ps4 or xbox if you love gaming.Games with high graphics and heavy size can cause heating issues to smart phones.Gaming puts efforts on CPU and GPU causing heat.So if you want to game in smartphone use light  weight games and use phone in well ventilated area.


So these are the tips to cool down smatphone temperature.another extra tip when your phone heats up keep it in freezer J just kidding im not responsible for that 🙂





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