5 Things you are doing wrongly with your smart phones

1.Installing APK files from unknown sources

You know Google play store has millions of applications that suits your needs,but installing apps from unknown sources can cause harm to your smart phones.
Unwanted files,junk files,some virus gets downloaded when you start using the apps which you have downloaded other than play store.Popup ads,lags is what you face by installing apps from off source.
Some people use cracked apps for using premium features without paying a Rupee,this is not safe key loggers may be added to grasp your data.
So install apps from store and help app developers and save your phones from serious threats.


2.Using anti virus applications for smart phones

As said above Google play store is secure to download number of apps,as the apps you download in Google play store gets scanned by google and checks threats that cause.so using anti virus applications for your smart phone is wastage of data and storage.
They simply bloat your phones.
And battery savers you use to save battery of phones actually drain more battery than you expected.The battery saver apps auto start themselves to close running process,hence more battery drain.
So instead check for the app which consumes more battery and decide to uninstall it or optimize the app.

3.Cleaning recently used apps

Generally Android,iOS,windows users close recently used apps by removing them from recent tab.
The apps you close are killed and again when you open the apps that you have closed it makes effect on CPU and its consumes more battery and time for opening app.
The operating systems of your phones optimizes,so there is no need of manually closing apps.

4.Granting permissions for un necessary apps

You know every application you use on your phones uses permissions to access your contacts,media,sms,camera,location,etc.
For example whats app asks permission to access your contacts to chat with friends,asks for media permission to send photos,videos among your friends.
Pokemon go uses your location for its game play.
Some apps need not be granted permissions that they don’t require,
UC Browser a good browser among bunch of browsers in store,but it asks to allow contacts permission.Its main aim is to perform browsing tasks,it has no need with your contacts.
So wisely choose to which app you grant permissions.

5.Spam messages

Many of us receive messages regarding loot offers,free wallet cash,free recharges,free shopping coupons,free internet etc.

The messages are spam,some believe blindly on such links and click those link thinking that they would get those free things as mentioned in messages.
Here what spammers do is make people attracted towards them and they create fake website similar to popular sites,and ask users to register for getting free things.Then their details are sold for people who are looking to expand business.Generally they are asked to download application to claim free goodies.
Those applications can harm your device as they are not secure.
The messages which we see are generally fake and some times malicious programs can be downloaded without users notice.
So better avoid sharing of such spam messages.


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